Student Quotes:

“I feel landau does student support very well, I always felt like they were in my corner and ready and willing to help me.”
“It’s good because over the last 2 years I matured a lot more than I was back in school, I have progressed with everything and I have learnt a lot more things while I was here , it’s been good times and i thank everyone that played a role to change me.”
“The staff at landau are supportive with our goals in life and will not judge you.”
“‘I learn something every day.”
“Landau is perfect as it is.”
“Helps learners prepare for their future.”
“Being there for when the students need guidance.”

School Quotes:

"We would very much like this to be a programme where these students can carry on with once a week throughout next year (year 11) and we would also like to send some more students who will be year 10 in September on different day."
Head of Alternative provision
Thomas Langley School

Parent Quotes:

“My son has gained a lot of self-confidence over the last few years and matured immensely, Landau have excelled in their support.” 

“All of the staff are a credit to Landau they are the ones who make this provision successful on a daily basis.”
“Helps with my daughters mental health.”
“Landau does everything great in my opinion, really helped my son.”

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