Landau Training and Enterprise division is aimed at learners from as young as 14, the provision aims to bridge the gap between school and vocational education. We are a stepping stone for those that need the time to develop and gain independence.

Our strategic vision for the next 5 years is to be integral to the local authorities and work in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders to upskill and develop young people who face barriers, we strive for continuous improvement to grow our successful model and look at further opportunities as we recognise one size does not fit all and the need following COVID19 is greater than ever before.

Cerys Holder
Head of Education Programme

Landau’s learning provision has been designed on the success model of our supported employment provision. We have created business enterprises which we use as a vehicle to engage, nurture, qualify, up-skill and raise the self-esteem of young people who struggle with traditional educational environments. Working with individuals or groups we tailor programmes to include activities, awards and qualifications. We are an accredited centre for NOCN, Asdan and AQA for vocational qualifications and Functional Skills.

We are a charitable organisation offering the space and freedom to participate in real life projects, helping individuals to take ownership of their own learning development. We entrust our learners with a lot of supported responsibility allowing them to understand and appreciate independent learning and workplace behaviours, values and attitudes.

Landau has developed an evidence-based practice support model which has a clear understanding of the type of intervention which can successfully transition young people into Education, Employment, and Independent Living all of which creates a healthy future which fosters positive relationships and develops and maintains access to their community safely and with confidence.

Our approach is focused on person centred learning within safe and practical work-related environments with a friendly and experienced team of staff and business partners. They will support young people in small groups or on an individual basis to achieve their aspirations and overcome any barriers to learning. We have extensive experience working with learners with Education, Health and Care Plans, and offer individual support to achieve supported paid employment. Our programmes are developed so young people have full lives with choices about their future and control of their support.

Vocational Assessment and Evaluation

Landau underpins our support model with Vocational Assessment and Evaluation, which is a comprehensive, systematic process of identification and assessment of a young person’s vocational interests, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, and functional needs relative to employment, vocation and independent living. The process supports the young person to obtain greater self and work knowledge through participation and assessment in work activities. Young people learn about the functional impact of their disability, learning difference or health needs in relation to their career options which is a useful and successful way of identifying needs and finding out what kind of future is possible. They are exposed to levels of support, assistive technology and the devices and accommodations or reasonable adjustments needed to remove barriers to employment or independent living.

The evaluation process encourages personal involvement in career planning and development and empowers young people by increasing their self-confidence in career decision making. We support young people to get a job, learn how to do the job and continues to provide just enough support until the young person no longer needs it, or until natural support can be provided within the work environment. We have clear, evidence-based employment pathways with opportunities for volunteering, supported internships, traineeships and apprenticeships and good careers advice and guidance to help young people with their decision-making. Time spent at Landau is devised to be as rich and varied as is possible, more specifically, we aim to encourage hard work, to face up to the challenges of life, to think independently, accept responsibility, take pride in achievement, and to develop wider skills and interests. Our students fulfil their potential, giving them better chances in life by supporting them in their development into responsible adults and opening up opportunities for future employment.

Collaborative co-production

Landau understands that the success of our business is part due to co-production of services. Our learners offer valuable insight into a particular issue or need, bringing their perspectives together to improve outcomes. Collaborative co-production requires young people and their families who are experts in their own circumstances and capable of making decisions together encouraging a relocation of power into the hands of families and young people. Landau prides itself on moving away from being fixers to being facilitators.

Landau’s offer has been designed working in collaboration with the people and families that we serve. Our offer:

  • Develops knowledge and skills in a range of vocationally-focused areas of work
  • Promotes progression towards employment, work placements, volunteering and fosters healthy, happy and independent lifestyles
  • Inspires personal, social and community growth through vibrant enterprises and worthwhile social projects
  • Rewards and enriches every participant, delivering a difference to their own lives and also to the lives of others
  • Creates stronger and more integrated communities where everybody is recognised and valued as contributing members of society

We are a bespoke provider offering support to young people in small groups or on an individual 1-1 basis to achieve aspirations and overcome any barriers to learning. We have extensive experience working with learners with Education, Health and Care Plans, and offer individual support to achieve paid employment, relevant qualifications, independent living skills, opportunities to build positive relationships and community inclusion.