IN2 is a flexible alternative pathway to support year 10 & 11 who are at risk of NEET and young people 16-24 who have left education and find themselves NEET. The aim of the program is to encourage and inform positive progressions through taster sessions or work placements, to reduce early leavers and dropout rates. IN2 engages and supports young people wishing to re-engage with school or transition from School (or from being classified as NEET) to engage with Colleges, Further Educational Institutions and Training Providers. The programme includes vocational/occupational tasters and practical experiences to support participants in selecting the correct educational pathway for them, to eliminate or reduce ‘drop outs’ from selecting the wrong course for their career, skillset or ambitions. IN2 will support participants towards making informed decisions about progression including employment, apprenticeships, training and further education. The programme outline specifications the following elements: –

  • Innovative and creative activities to engage and keep motivated young people at risk of leaving school and becoming NEET.
  • Activities to introduce participants to areas of training they have chosen.
  • Interventions to help young people explore their skills, strengths and interests, how these match career ideas and identify their preferred vocational choices
  • Relevant Information, Advice and Guidance

Our IN2 programmes can be tailored from 1-5 days per week and students can enrol at any point during the academic year or over 50 weeks of the year. Our daily rate is competitive at £120 and we can discuss bundles.