Creating Futures – Post 16 Learning

Landau’s Creating Futures Study Programme is a post 16 programme fully funded through ESFA and High Needs Funding budget and offers a personalised programme, designed in partnership with young people and our business partners so that we deliver education and enterprising programmes that are relevant, engaging and represent the current employment landscape. Landau’s study programmes are flexible programmes built around the needs of individual students. The programme includes work experience and non-qualification activities, which complement the other elements of the programme and support the student to progress to a positive destination.

We offer a range of Vocational Sector Led qualifications, Employability Skills, functional skills in English, Maths and IT, offer extensive Work Placements, Personal Development, Enrichment and Business Enterprise. We have five platforms designed to achieve the skills, qualifications and experience needed to progress into Further Education, Employment or work-related opportunities such as Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Supported Internships and Supported Self-employment.  Learners can enter any platform at the beginning of the academic year according to their personal circumstances and situation. Alternatively, they can start at Platform 1 and work their way through until they reach their desired destination. Creating Futures is individually tailored and will typically combine the elements below:

  1. substantial qualifications that stretch students and prepare them for education at the next level or for employment.
  2. English and maths where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade 4
  3. work experience to give students the opportunity to develop their career choices and to apply their skills in real working conditions
  4. other non-qualification activity to develop students’ character, broader skills, attitudes and confidence, and to support progression

Platform 1 – Preparation for Life

“A nurturing programme to achieve personal goals by co-producing a personalised programme to meet individual needs.”

Platform 2 – Transition to Independence

“A supportive & inspiring environment which encourages development of self-awareness and achievement of new skills and increased independence.”

Platform 3 – Skills for Work & Life

“Unlocking potential by combining vocational experience and qualifications on a programme that offers opportunity to explore different carers within the labour market.”

Platform 4 – Qualified to Work – Sector Led

“Sector led vocational qualifications and skills, technical knowledge and the confidence to pursue a career.”

Platform 5 – Ready for Work – Supported Internship/Traineeship/Supported Self-Employment

“Designed to give a head start for a future career.”