Functional Skills

We deliver Functional skills through NOCN in maths and English.

Functional skills have been designed to assist learners of all ages and levels to be able to confidently demonstrate the practical skills needed in real-life situations.

Our qualifications are high quality, recognised and respected by schools, colleges, training providers, and employers.

We deliver Functional skills through NOCN in maths and English Entry Level 1 – Level 2.

We also deliver Modular stepping stones in Maths & English for those learners not quite ready for a Functional skill.

Our English and Maths (Stepping Stones to Functional Skills) are mapped to the newly reformed Functional Skills subject content.  We have developed these qualifications to help learners build confidence and to really focus in on specific skills to enable them to progress onto the new Functional Skills.

These qualifications, available from Entry Level 1 to Level 1, reflect the increased challenge of the reformed Functional Skills and therefore fully prepare learners for progression onto Functional Skills.

The qualifications are broken down into individual bite-sized units to help learners ‘bridge the gap’, become confident in their ability and allow progression onto Functional Skills.