Course Overview

The working world of Construction is growing rapidly, build a career from your interests, hobbies or handiwork with a programme that will provide you with a good introduction to Bricklaying, Carpentry, Painting and Decorating and general construction skills. You will develop practical skills in this trade. It provides an introduction to some of the key themes within the construction sector, enabling learners to develop and apply their knowledge while also acquiring a range of relevant practical, communication and technical construction-related skills. You will learn about basic issues relating to construction including working safely, handling and storing resources, your responsibilities at work, communication skills and you will develop your personal effectiveness skills to better enable you to progress to further training or employment. Gain valuable life skills including DIY for around the home.

Learners will attend for a minimum of one full day per week developing a variety of skills based on industry standards. You will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing (PPE). The experience is intended for people with an interest and enthusiasm for construction and have a good eye for detail. You will spend a large amount of your time developing your practical skills by completing a range of practical projects in our workshop. You will also have computer-based learning resources that you will use to develop your understanding of the tools, material and technologies used. You will go on numerous visits to gain the opportunity to see other industry environments expanding your knowledge and experience. 

The unit award and qualification is portfolio based and practical in activity and has a selection of mandatory units such as Health & Safety, Customer Service and Equality & Diversity and contains several vocational units focused on the industry standards from Entry Level – Level 1:

  • Producing a Timber Product
  • Decorating Household Goods
  • Developing Home Improvement Skills
  • Producing a Product
  • Starting Work in Construction
  • Health and Safety and Welfare in Construction
  • Working as a Team to Move and Handle Resources
  • Developing Bricklaying Skills
  • Developing Carpentry Skills
  • Developing Joinery Skills
  • Developing Construction Painting Skills
  • Developing Construction Decorating Skills
  • Developing Building Maintenance Skills

A Typical Day at Construction Ready

Arrival             09:15-09.30     Cup of Tea and discuss plans for the day ahead
Session 1         09:30-10:30    Putting up stud walls for new storage space
Break               10:30-10.45     Quick snack and drink
Session 2         10.45-12:00     Bricklaying theory PowerPoint presentation
Lunch              12:00-13:00    Lunch break
Session 3         13:00-15:30    Bricklaying practical and complete portfolio

What Next
The experience and qualifications (where appropriate) can lead to gaining new skills, interests and knowledge to live an active life, live independently and/or progress to further study, supported internship, traineeship, apprenticeship or employment. The course aims to give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to gain relevant employment (where appropriate) or to gain new interests and skills. Learners will gain an understanding of how to communicate with customers and their peers, identify the customer needs and deliver exceptional services. Learners will be encouraged to transfer skills learnt to other areas of their life and to inspire others by passing on their knowledge.
The course is based on the proposition that being able to complete basic DIY or enjoy a leisure activity or hobby will empower people to make changes that have benefits to health, wellbeing and occupation.